Vicious Pink

Vicious Pink

When I was first starting Citinite and hadn’t yet signed any new artists, one of the records which I considered reissuing was ‘In The Swim’, a dark new wave gem by Vicious Pink. Vicious Pink were Brian Moss and Josephine Warden and they started out as backing vocalists for Soft Cell. I spoke several times with Moss about the reissue and he was really enthusiastic and helpful. Frustratingly some of the other tracks which I wanted to accompany ‘In The Swim’ proved too expensive to license from the record company, and in the end the project was put on hold.

‘In The Swim’ segues into another track called ‘Odd One’ which was one of the earliest tracks to feature a Roland TB-303 and TR-606 together (although the 303 wasn’t used in the same way we’d recognise as acid house – if anything, the bassline reminds of the dialogue between the spaceship and the ground crew at the end of ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’). Both tracks were produced in 1982 by Dave Ball, the synthman in Soft Cell, and were b-sides to Vicious Pink’s first record, released on the Leeds label, Warehouse Records.

Their tracks were mainly aimed at the clubs rather than radio, and so to a large extent the group remained a cult phenomenon, but they also had success with ‘Cccan’t You See’ (which was sampled by Nightmares On Wax for their second Warp single). Also worth tracking down are ‘My Private Tokyo’ and the proto-techno track ‘The Spaceship Is Over There’ from 1984. Indeed, Vicious Pink first started using the word “techno” to describe their music way back in early 1982!

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