‘If The Kid Can’t Make You Come’

Morris Day

‘777-9311’ is arguably… no, unarguably The Time’s best track, but one of my favourites is from their third album. Most people I mention this to think I’m tripping – the track starts off like a slow ballad, but it’s worth sticking with. At the 2:40 mark it starts to heat up, and by the end… “oh lord”. There’s even a nod to the ESG track, ‘Dance’, which came out in the year that ‘If The Kid…’ was being recorded.

The female vocal was performed by Sharon Hughes, no doubt having just caught Morris Day’s eye with her performance in the erotic film, Chained Heat. Hughes wouldn’t have looked out of place in the line-up for Apollonia 6, and on the track ‘Chili Sauce’ she recreates a scene from Purple Rain between Apollonia and Day.

Confusingly, the ‘The Kid’ persona was played by Prince in the film, but as the song was written by Prince he probably just had his own character in mind when writing it, and then gave it to Day for the ‘Ice Cream Castle’ album. But who cares – Day’s dialogue is delivered only the way he can. Ain’t nobody bad like Morris.

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