One of the things I’ve always loved about Cylob’s music is his ability to avoid pretension by embracing humour. A perversion of melody combined with acutely constructed and complex rhythms means that it’s often impossible to predict where his songs are going. Some tracks not only surprise, but remind you that it’s still possible for “electro” to be innovative.

Since the late 90s, he’s been developing his own music software with which to produce his music; his Cylob Music System 3000 program was used for his last two Rephlex EPs; and he’s currently working on the CMS Environment software suite. His latest releases are MP3-only and are available to download from Bleep.

In his “spare time” he’s also created some DJ mixing software to use in preference to the brain-shreddingly convoluted Traktor. The name of his mixing software is Kombine BeatHarvester… which you know means it’s going to be fun. Check the demonstration video below.

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