Chris Moore

Chris Moore

I first became aware of Chris Moore’s work when I bought William Gibson’s ‘Burning Chrome’… I must have stared at that cover for hours. He did a lot of paintings for Philip K Dick stories, and apparently did some concept art for George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick. There’s great clarity in his work and, whilst his sci-fi concepts are based more on fantasy than reality, they have a sense of believability.

Chris Moore

At one point I was thinking of doing an Italo disco compilation album (called ‘Let Me Be Your Stranger’) and was going to use one of his paintings for the cover (the “sexy robot” one that was used for the Robert Abel commercial I wrote about recently) and I had a fun afternoon going through his transparencies at his agent’s office in central London. Eventhough I licensed about six tracks for it, I lost enthusiasm for the record. But it would have been good to have had a Citinite release with a Chris Moore cover.

Chris Moore

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