Manny Z’s Dance Hour

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on a new mix, but as it isn’t done yet and I’m going to be busy over the next few days I thought I’d reupload some earlier mixes which were briefly available over at the Citinite site. I’ve been doing them at the pathetic rate of one a year. The first mix, from 2004, is to get your electrofunk party started right; the second is an Italo disco special but has a few extra classics added to the mix; the third is an electro and Chicago house odyssey. The New York disco mix I did in 2007 needs redoing… I’ll try to upload it at the same time that I post this year’s mix.

Update: 1.22.09 / 5am
These first three mixes are no longer available due to my bandwidth getting caned, but here are the tracklistings in case you already downloaded them and were wondering what was what:

Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 1: Electric Fantasies
Prince & The Revolution, ‘Erotic City’
Bill Summers & Summers Heat, ‘Tech No Bop’
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk, ‘Mirda Rock’
Warp 9, ‘Light Years Away’ (Dub) More Info
Strafe, ‘Set It Off’ (Remix) More Info
Ice-T, ‘The Hottest Beat’
André Cymone, ‘The Dance Electric’ More Info
The System, ‘It’s Passion’ (Instrumental) More Info
Osé, ‘Computer Funk’ More Info
CMO‘S’, ‘X-1-12’ More Info
Sexual Harrassment, ‘I Need A Freak’
Tony Paris, ‘Electric Automan’ More Info
Terry Burrus: Ninety Nine, ‘Mighty Mouth (Va Voom)’
Jesse Johnson’s Revue, ‘Be Your Man’
Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle, ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ More Info
Hashim, ‘Al-Naafiyish (The Soul)’ (Bonus)
The Egyptian Lover, ‘Dance’
Newcleus, ‘Computer Age (Push The Button)’ (Instrumental)
C-Bank, ‘Get Wet’ (Instrumental)

Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 2: Disco Vox
Night Moves, ‘Transdance’ (New York) More Info
Tik & Tok, ‘Crisis’ More Info
I.M.S., ‘Nonline’
Extra T’s, ‘Flash Boogie’ (Instrumental) More Info
J.M. Band, ‘Computer Monkey’ (Instrumental)
Hypnosis, ‘End Title (Blade Runner)’
Cori Josias, ‘Takin’ It Straight’ (Dub)
Endgames, ‘First, Last, For Everything’ (Dub)
Klein & M.B.O., ‘Dirty Talk’ (European Connection)
My Mine, ‘Hypnotic Tango’
Man Parrish, ‘Heatstroke’ More Info
Lime, ‘On The Grid’ (Remix)
Gino Soccio, ‘Remember’
Mario Reyes, ‘What Ever Turns You On’ (Dub)
X-Ref, ‘Dream Six-0’ More Info
Mr Flagio, ‘Take A Chance’

Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 3: Downtown Heat
Kevin Irving, ‘Children Of The Night’ (Dub)
Pleasure Pump, ‘Fantasize Me’ (Dub)
Pam Jackman, ‘Work Your Body’ (Dub)
Jesse Saunders, ‘Funk You Up’ More Info
Bam Bam, ‘Feel The Beat’ More Info
Dopplereffekt, ‘Infophysix’ More Info
Chilltown, ‘Rock The Beat’ (Dub) More Info
Debbie Deb, ‘I’m Searchin’ (Instrumental)
Information Society, ‘Running’ (Instrumental)
Dimples D, ‘Sucker DJ’
The Time, ‘777-9311’ More Info
Kraftwerk, ‘Tour De France’ (Remix) More Info
The Egyptian Lover, ‘Sexy Style (Sexy Ain’t It)’
X-Ray Vision, ‘Video Control’ (Instrumental) More Info
Confusion, ‘Zone’
Planet Patrol, ‘Play At Your Own Risk’ (Instrumental) More Info
Stockingcap, ‘Wave Craze’ (Instrumental)
The League Unlimited Orchestra, ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’ (Instrumental)
Phuture, ‘Your Only Friend’
Skatt Bros, ‘Walk The Night’


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