‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

Sweet, sweet YouTube – without it I’d never have discovered this slamming cover. Released in 1983 on the Canadian label, Quality (who also released ‘Sharevari’), this disco electro record by Detroit’s Slingshot is a reworking of Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour De France’ with some Vanity 6-style vocals and Blade Runner strings. I was lucky enough to find a sealed copy and it sounds like it was released yesterday. The production is by Jack Tann and John Lewis (Tann did all the great early Was (Not Was) tracks) and it’s very similar in feel to another classic cover they did the previous year, Orbit’s ‘The Beat Goes On’. The mix is great on this; like me, those guys believed in stereo!

Here’s the extended vocal version. And below it is a video clip of people dancing… dancing almost as good as you!

Posted by Manny Z

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