I’ve just started up with Rcrd Lbl (rcrdlbl.com) and I’ll be submitting material for them to use on their site. If you haven’t checked it yet, Rcrd Lbl is an extension of the music blog format; the blog also acts as a record label and releases exclusive music from some of the artists featured. These artists receive remuneration via the site’s sponsorship deals (Puma, Nokia, BMW, Virgin America, Nikon) which means that all the downloads are free. It’s an interesting new business model and the site looks like it’s doing well.

The site also helps promote already established artists, and the first artist from Citinite to be featured is Gosub, the Miami sound machine. His album released last year was really well received, and he’s currently working on a more experimental project for Citinite.

Currently, Rcrd Lbl has deals with ten independent labels, each having a full label blog as part of the site, but at the moment the contracts with those labels don’t allow for any other labels to be featured in that way. So for now it’ll just be my artists which are featured… and hopefully the unparalleled awesomeness of Citinite will make them see the error of its omission!

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