Noel Williams

Welcome to Miami’s extra funk factory. Produced by Noel Williams with Larry Dermer and released in 1984, ‘Fantasy’ is robo-electro ecstacy.

Originally from Jamaica, Williams (aka King Sporty) started out working at Studio One and was one of the first influential street DJs in Jamaica, long before Kool Herc migrated to the Bronx. Moving to Miami, Williams was key to the emerging electro sound which would lead to Miami bass. Productions for other artists include the classic ‘Get Down’ by Connie Case, ‘Fall Out’ by Der Mer, and ‘Haven’t Been Funked Enough’ under his and Johnny Griffin’s alias, Ex Tras. (The year after ‘Get Down’, King Sporty used a similar bassline for ‘Do You Wanna Dance’.)

Combining electro, disco and funk, Williams had the magic touch – pretty much every track he produced had that unstoppable energy we’ve come to expect from the Miami scene – and he put out so much that his two labels, Tashamba and Konduko, weren’t enough. He was the fantasy machine!

‘Do You Wanna Dance’, 1983

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