‘Son Of Ceiling’


Don’t really know much about this release; not sure if it’s an edit made recently or if it’s an original instrumental from the time. Some of you may know 1982’s ‘Living On The Ceiling’ by Blancmange; I was never keen on their vocals, but ‘Son Of Ceiling’ takes the bassline essence of it to create an epic.

Update: 4.13.09 / 1pm
Thanks to Ted Towers over at discogs.com for this info:
It is actually a live dub mix done off the Blancmange master tapes at Butterfly Studios in Brixton. The duo behind it is Llestin Polson & Nobby Bollox. The story goes that they managed to get the masters off London Records with the intention of redoing the whole package – radio edit, extended 12-inch mix and remix – which apparently they did. They went in to Butterfly Studios every weekend for a month to do it. Youth [Martin Glover, owner of the studios] had no idea this was going on as Llestin’s friend Matt was the in-house engineer. The original song was given the Llestin Polson touch and edited for commercial release. Then they did an extended 12-inch mix and a club 303-style remix. There were a number of live mixes done by Nobby, one of which surfaced on the 10-inch. The timing of the project was off and a certain Dave Howells sat on it. They gave him the only DAT of the other versions which have never seen the light of day. DJ Pete Tong was later caught playing the 10-inch and had no idea London Records had rejected it.

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