Arranged in 1982 by Davide Piatto, Klein & MBO’s instrumental of ‘Dirty Talk’ was one of the crucial tracks which helped give birth to house music. The following year, Piatto signed to Italian Records and formed the group N.O.I.A., releasing a string of pop singles with a more commercial sound. One of those singles was 1984’s ‘True Love’, but the b-side contains a reworked instrumental which has a more melancholy feel. It actually reminds me of some of D’Arcangelo’s music (the Italian artists signed to Rephlex).

This video for ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ is taken from the N.O.I.A. website and I’ve uploaded it to YouTube for ease. It’s pretty crazy… there can’t be many videos with sadomasochism and saxophones.

‘Do You Wanna Dance’, 1983

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