Faceless Mind

‘Drakskeppet’, the new Faceless Mind EP on DMX Krew’s label, Breakin’ Records, is soon out, featuring five tracks produced by Sweden’s Luke Eargoggle and Johan Inkinen. Tightly worked, these contain more funk than Drexciyan’s may be used to. Sounding like they were made for the sci-fi traveller, I guess that’s why listening to these tracks makes me think of Barbarella.

Also worth investing in is Luke Eargoggle’s collaboration with Egyptian Lover, out soon on Kust Musik. A great symbiosis of classic Egyptian electro with the jumping Gothenburg groove. Both records will be available from Clone.

Apologies for being mysterious, but this won’t be the last time I’ll be talking about Egyptian Lover, Faceless Mind and DMX Krew in the same post…

  • ‘Drakskeppet’
  • ‘Egypt Earwerk’
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