Her Bad Habit


Her Bad Habit is the new project from producer Jimmy Edgar, taking his house and funk inspirations to create an EP of pure heat. ‘I Don’t Know (What You’re Doing To Me)’ is the first in a series of Citinite projects which will have Jimmy’s involvement.

Jimmy Edgar

Originally conceived as demos for another New York-based musician, the tracks on their launch EP were expanded upon and completed in their electronic form after the collaboration fell apart. His collaborator’s loss is Jimmy’s gain, for the completed EP contains five of Jimmy Edgar’s hottest productions.

The opening track, ‘Lock Me Up’, has echoes of Prince’s ‘Around The World In A Day’ plus there’s a Chicago house influence here which adds an extra dimension. Second track, ‘My Bad Habit’, is the essence of electrofunk, driven by its pure, frustrated bass. ‘Jamaica Center’ offers a lighter take, but the faster ride of ‘Computer Time’ takes us back to the breathless funk. ‘Do’, the final track on the EP, updates the Minneapolis sound with a nervous synth line and freaked keyboard solo.

The EP is available on vinyl and mp3, and more audio can be found at the link below…

  • Her Bad Habit
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