Last night was the first time this year that I noticed that daylight hours were starting to get longer… maybe spring is finally coming. With that positive thinking in mind, here’s a Future Sound classic from Terry ‘Housemaster’ Baldwin, one of the last truly great tracks that he produced. Originally released in 1993, I first heard it on the excellent Future Sound compilation brought out by Rephlex the following year. However, Baldwin’s legacy extends much further back and includes masterpieces such as ‘Groovin’, ‘Delta House’, ‘Zone’ and ‘Sit On The Face’.

Despite the Rephlex compilation, Baldwin doesn’t get much recognition, something I don’t really understand. His compositions were hugely influential not just in Chicago, but in the early Detroit techno scene. Kevin Saunderson was a friend (indeed, Baldwin recommended vocalist Paris Grey to Saunderson when he was forming Inner City), and the strings and bassline on this track are much closer to the Detroit sound.

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