A lot of the music that I write about on this “influences” blog is from the early 80s, so it’ll be no surprise to learn which films have burned themselves on my psyche. I was looking through my hard drive and found these images, downloaded years ago and then instantly filed and forgotten about, only to resurface on this rainy afternoon – pre-effect production photos from Tron.

What I love about them is the degraded look to the images; this is probably simply down to the limitations of the scanner, and the low quality of these bootlegged images echoes the low quality we happily endure when hunting down unreleased music. But this worn look has given them an extra emotion; like some lost silent film from the 30s, they seem to reveal the heart of Tron’s story, about the loneliness and futility of living in an oppressive society and the burn of trying to fight against the system. There is a surprising beauty to these images, an honesty that’s somehow lost when viewing the film with all its flash and colour.

Music by Wendy Carlos from the Tron soundtrack album on CBS

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