‘Such A Feeling’

Aurra’s ‘Such A Feeling’ is one of many classic records that Salsoul gave us. Produced by Steve Washington with vocals by Starleana Young and Curt Jones, it came out in 1982 with mixes by the up-and-coming Shep Pettibone. His stripped down b-side with its acapella intro contrasted with the more overly-orchestrated productions that Salsoul was famous for. But the mix I’ve posted here is the meatier a-side.

Shep Pettibone isn’t really as highly revered now as, say, François Kevorkian, Walter Gibbons or Tom Moulton, probably because he went on to achieve so much mainstream success – he simply didn’t remain “underground” enough. Pettibone’s skill with the tape edit is undeniable (he was a big influence on Greg Wilson) and his mixes helped build the careers of 80s pop stars such as Madonna, The Pet Shop Boys and Janet Jackson.

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