On May 3rd, 2008, a new night’s starting up in London called Throwback. The concept behind it is excellent and I can’t wait to go, not least because one of the bands playing is from my home town of Santiago.

This is what the Throwback guys say about their concept: “We first invite a historically important figure in music that defined a certain sound (for the first event, Salvatore Principato of the legendary no wave band, Liquid Liquid); let’s call this person the “pioneer”. We then invite a new, current artist that has taken on this sound but in today’s context (for the first event, the Chilean punk funk band, Panico); let’s call this artist the “inheritor”. So our aim is to get the “pioneer” and the “inheritor” to collaborate pre-show and then onto the stage to create this one-off, very exclusive performance that we hope will be exciting for the artist and their fans.”

They are recording and filming everything and I think this is going to be the start of something very special. Hit the link for more info:

  • MySpace
  • ‘Cavern’, 1983


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