‘I Travel’

When I was at school a lot of the people who were into Prince were also into Simple Minds, although I never understood why. I only heard this track a few years ago and it felt like discovering Dopplereffekt’s acoustic origins… check the synth percussion. Despite being released three times (twice by Arista in 1980 and 1982, and once by Virgin in 1983) it consistently failed to chart. Eventhough the record labels believed in the track, it somehow didn’t catch on with the new romantic crowd. Musically influenced by Neu! and Kraftwerk, the track was inspired by Jim Kerr’s observations whilst visiting East and West Berlin. Although it’s in a totally different style, Vanity 6’s ‘Make Up’ also has a Dopplereffekt sound… so maybe my old school friends were onto something afterall.

Posted by Manny Z


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