Edwin Birdsong

Sampled by many artists including Luke Vibert, Gang Starr and, most notoriously, Daft Punk, Edwin Birdsong’s best disco funk tracks have a uniquely bubbling drive that I don’t think anyone else has managed to truly capture since. Although he put out several records under his own name, the tracks that he is probably most famous for are the ones he co-produced with Roy Ayers, such as ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ and ‘Running Away’.

‘Rapper Dapper Snapper’ is undoubtedly his signature track, and songs on his 1979 album for Philadelphia International, particularly ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ and ‘Phiss-Phizz’ have that same mix of playfulness and shake-n-pop nastiness. Looking back thirty years later, he seems a highly under-rated producer. Hopefully the Daft Punk track will have reignited interest in him… I at least hope he’s getting paid!

Posted by Manny Z


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