Michael Guihen formed the UK new wave group Night Moves in 1980. Guihen had decided he wanted to start making music after hearing Gary Numan’s ‘Are Friends Electric’, and he was eventually introduced to Numan’s keyboardist Denis Haines. They worked together for a few months and one of the tracks they wrote was ‘Nightdrive’, which was to end up as the b-side on their now famous record, ‘Transdance’. With Haines both on synths and producing, the track inevitably shares the same futuristic coldness of Numan’s work.

Guihen would subsequently team up with scenester John Darc to finish work on ‘Transdance’, and both tracks were released in 1981 on GC Recordings. However, it wasn’t until the first reissue in 1983 (there was a second in 1986) that ‘Transdance’ really made waves, becoming a hit in New York, Chicago and Detroit clubs and becoming a popular track on radio stations like WBMX. Partly because of this WBMX connection, and mostly because until recently people didn’t really know much about the group, it has often been assumed that Night Moves was an Italo disco band. But Night Moves was one of the many UK new wave groups who influenced Detroit’s techno generation; in 1985, Juan Atkins borrowed the title of their b-side for his second Model 500 release.

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