Quincy Jones

Just a quick word on Quincy Jones: I watched a cool BBC documentary on the man a couple of days ago. It’s crazy the amount of stuff that he’s done. Over the years I’ve gradually become aware of all the work he’s produced, but I still get surprised by new revelations. He’s a Midas machine. You should check his Wikipedia entry for the score.

Talking of: I’m curious to hear his score for In Cold Blood… what I heard in the documentary sounded pretty inventive, and almost like a precurser to what Pharrell and Chad do. And I know a mate of mine was probably fighting for breath when he heard that Jones produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ in eight weeks (that’s the album, not just the track).

To be honest, one of the things that impressed me most was the fact that he dated Nastassja Kinski for 6 years. Man, that cat had it all! Even my girlfriend fancies him – but who can blame her… he’s got a bigger cassette deck than me.

You’ve probably seen this clip already, but just in case – Jones and Herbie Hancock jamming with the freakuencies:

And you should definitely watch this, from an apparently rare Quincy Jones TV special from 1983 – The Making Of Thriller:

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