Me and a friend wanted to celebrate the date, 08.08.08, with an event that captured the history of electro, and we quickly realised that the perfect way for us to do this was to theme it around the iconic Roland drum machine released in 1980… the TR-808.

The night takes place at Jacks near London Bridge. Here’s the main room line-up:

808 State
The only band to name themselves after the Roland TR-808, formed in Manchester in 1988, and they’re celebrating 20 years as a band at our 08.08.08 party! With a special DJ set that will no doubt include every classic, both modern and forgotten, and showcasing what influenced them, this should prove to be a landmark session.

Kingpin of the Cybernetic Broadcasting System and an 808 obsessive, I-f’s knowledge of 808 records and their aesthetic means his contribution to this celebration is invaluable. A prolific producer, his ‘Space Invaders’ hit appeared on his label Viewlexx in 1998 and became a catalyst for the early 2000 electro revival. With an exclusive electro set prepared just for this occasion, this is not to be missed… we’re expecting the ground to open up.

Arthur Baker
Brooklyn 1982: Baker produced two recordings so hot that they started their own genre; with ‘Planet Rock’ and ‘Play At Your Own Risk’ the electro craze started and everyone was popping. Over two and a half decades later, these records are still as devastating as ever. Baker will be marking the 08.08.08 date with an authentic set that journeys back to New York, telling a story of the eclectic sound of that era, from the NYC discos to the sound on the street.

DMX Krew
Ed DMX has released his own style of booty bass and electro on his well established Breakin’ label. From his definitive synth-pop album ’We Are DMX’ to the science funk of ’Collapse Of The Wave Function’ on Rephlex, he’s been at the forefront of our electro exploration. For Nitefreq he will be performing live with a drum-machine club set that promises to be bigger than the bass that ate Miami.

Jack to the 808!


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