Grace Jones

This week sees the release of Grace Jones’ new single, ‘Corporate Cannibal’. Always keen to experiment and express artistic ideas through her image, she was a precursor to Madonna in many ways, but a bit more willing to take theatrical risks; and despite working with slick producers (from Nile Rodgers to Trevor Horn) she was always able to remain wild.

The new video continues a long-running tradition – the manipulation and distortion of her face and body. I’m sure someone could write a pretty good essay on the subject, but for now suffice to say that the most twisted thing I learnt whilst trawling through YouTube was that the introductory voice-over to ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ was by our very own Lovejoy… Ian McShane.

‘Corporate Cannibal’, 2008

‘Love Is The Drug’, 1986

‘Slave To The Rhythm’, 1985

‘I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)’, 1981

‘Private Life’, 1980

Update: 10.16.08 / 11pm
The Jones distortion tradition continues with her Dazed & Confused photos, shot by Chris Cunningham. Going from the scissors-and-airbrush image by Jean-Paul Goude (top) to Cunningham’s digitally manipulated photo below, is to go from grace to the grotesque.

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