‘The Acid Life’

Chicago legend Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk made his name in 1981 as part of WBMX’s Hot Mix 5 and was a regular DJ at The Warehouse and The Playground. He released records under a blizzard of name variations, from F Williams to JM Funk, and these days goes by the title “The King Of House Music”… or better still, “The Kang” (sic).

It seems odd now, looking at the kind of music that sits at the top of the charts these days, but in 1986 Jackmaster Funk hit the top of the main UK charts with his track ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ (co-written by Vince Lawrence and co-produced by Jesse Saunders). It was a success that stunned Chicago DJs who uptil then had no idea that their machine soul music was popular in the UK. But although he had his greatest successes with vocal house tracks, Jackmaster Funk knew the power of simplicity and in 1988 released an album called ‘No Vocals Necessary’. The track posted here, ‘The Acid Life’, is about as heavy as it gets, and whenever I play it I still get people coming up to the decks to ask what it is, smiles on their faces.

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