‘Slide Skate’

The more I think about that High Tech Soul documentary, the more disappointed I feel. But it made me realise how little techno I’ve written about on this blog. Techno was the first “genre” that really took a hold of me; I’d previously been into funk, soul, hip hop etc, but Detroit techno came along when I was just starting to DJ so it naturally became my thing. It wasn’t until a few years later that I began getting into Chicago house and (proper) electro.

Since then I’ve been getting into disco, plus tracking down rare electro and house, and somehow I’ve not gotten round to mp3ing any of my techno records, or indeed keep up with what’s happening in the Detroit scene.

Today this changes!

First up is ‘Slide Skate’ by DJ Skurge. I went round to a mate’s house last week and he played me some of the recent 7-inches that Underground Resistance have been releasing – this is one of the best:

DJ Skurge

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