Manny Z’s Dance Hour

After recently failing to mark the first birthday of this blog with anything special, today I have another opportunity – my 100th post!

Now, this is “something special”: volume four is the New York mix which I’ve finally got round to redoing, taking you through electro-flavoured disco for some late-night sweat.

  • Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 4: Studio Special
    Technics / 61 mins / 55mb / 128kbps / stereo
  • Update: 1.23.09 / 9am

    Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 4: Studio Special
    New York Citi Peech Boys, ‘Life Is Something Special’ (Special Edition)
    Central Line, ‘Conviction’ More Info
    Sharon Redd, ‘Beat The Street’
    Ministry, ‘Work For Love’ (Dub) More Info
    The Police, ‘Voices Inside My Head’ More Info
    R.A.M.M., ‘Spark The Universe’ (Dub)
    Nursery School, ‘Sweepstakes’ (Part 1)
    Karen Diggs, ‘Congratulations’ (Dub)
    Elektrik Dred, ‘Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread)’ (Instrumental)
    Tony Lee, ‘Love So Deep’ (Instrumental)
    The Paul Simpson Connection, ‘Treat Me’ (Dubstrumental)
    The Jammers, ‘And You Know That’ (Dub)
    TZ, ‘I Got The Hots For You’
    Brian & Zan, ‘Pump Your Body’ (Club) More Info
    Pushé, ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away’ (Dub)
    Yazoo, ‘Situation’


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