Manny Z’s Dance Hour

Acid. Chicago. House music… all night long.

Well… for an hour at least.

  • Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 5: Basement Black
    Technics / 61 mins / 55mb / 128kbps / stereo
  • Update: 1.23.09 / 9am

    Manny Z’s Dance Hour, Vol 5: Basement Black
    Neon, ‘Baby Want’s To Ride’
    Pleasure Inc., ‘Sexy Dancer’
    Matt Warren, ‘Bang The Box’
    Bam Bam, ‘Where’s Your Child?’
    The House Master Boyz, ‘Thanks 4 The Trax You Lost’
    Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, ‘The Acid Life’ More Info
    Jaquarius, ‘Love Is Happiness’ (Acid Rain)
    Jesse Saunders, ‘On & On’ More Info
    Santos, ‘Beat The Knuckles’
    The It, ‘Donnie’ (Club)
    Neal Howard, ‘To Be Or Not To Be?’ (Gathering Club)
    Visual, ‘The Music Got Me’ (Instrumental)
    Phuture, ‘Acid Tracks’
    Risqué III, ‘Essence Of A Dream’
    Gwendolyn, ‘Come To Me’ (Remix)
    House People, ‘Godfather Of House’ (Club) More Info
    Mystic, ‘House Girl’ (Acid) More Info
    Libra Libra, ‘I Like It’ (Club)
    Mr Fingers, ‘Can You Feel It’


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