For the first time in London, Dopplereffekt will be playing live at Plex next Saturday. Not one to miss. For details and tickets click the link below.

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  • Update: 2.8.09 / 9am

    So, the morning after the show… Anyone familiar with the more recent Dopplereffekt releases will have known what to expect, but those hoping for some of their “early hits” would have been disappointed. Their set lasted an hour, and apart from the final two tracks (video clips below) their set was mostly ambient/sound collage.

    The current Dopplereffekt sound takes the atmospheres of Kraftwerk but strips it of its dance structure. I’m in two minds about it all myself; it’s all very well conceived and their faceless scientist personas work well; but at times you feel that for Dopplereffekt the club audience is irrelevant – there is no acknowledgement of our presence and they face each other rather than the crowd, and their walk-off in the middle of the final song was about as anti-climactic an end to a performance as I’ve ever seen.

    Dopplereffekt’s early work had an element of pornography about it, but now that Gerald Donald is married that’s all been swept under the bed. Musically, it’s all much more earnest and the sound design is well considered but there’s an element of playfulness that’s been lost.

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