Supporting Gary Numan during his 1981 shows in London were Shock. Shock were a dance/mime troupe who incorporated songs by other acts as well as their own into their routines. They were at the centre of the new romantic movement and in addition to Numan also appeared on stage with Adam & The Ants, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. Two of the guys from Shock went on to form Tik & Tok (Rephlex released a “best of” a few years ago with the help of Ed DMX).

The videos below include tracks by Cabaret Voltaire and Visage, plus their own ‘Dynamo Beat’, ‘RERB’ (instrumental posted above) and ‘Angel Face’ which were produced by Rusty Egan of Visage and Richard James Burgess of Landscape (who also had a hit with ‘Einstein A Go-Go’).

It’s not obvious from the videos, but Wembley Arena is huge (it holds over 10,000 people), and until I saw these I had no idea Shock were so full-on – in the last one it’s like pagans of the apocalypse…

(That MC at the end cracks me up… he brings it right back down to earth.)

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