Living In The New Wave

I first came across Dâm-Funk’s MySpace page a couple of years ago and this LA-based DJ/producer has been consistently uploading sun-soaked jams to his player. With a passion for funk and boogie, he recently stormed London’s Gramaphone club and it was a pleasure to find him as warm as his music.

His style of west coast rhythm funk has thankfully been put on wax by Stones Throw – first with the excellent ‘Burgundy City’ 12-inch, and now with Dâm-Funk’s contribution to their Rhythm Trax series. I picked my copy up today and it’s a great release; you can hear the fun he had making it. Using ’80s drum machines and synths, these eight instrumentals are a perfect soundtrack to hot summer driving… which would explain this!

‘Purple’, 2008

I was recently going through my own MySpace friends list and it surprised me to see how many of the USA ones were from Los Angeles (more than New York, which is what I was expecting). They seem to have a healthy electro and funk scene in LA; whether this is a legacy of what’s gone on before, or a new resurgence I’m not sure, but I hope to make it out there soon to soak up the funkmosphere.

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