Chip E

Chip E

In 1985, after the release of his genre-defining LP ‘Jack Trax’, Street Mix magazine called Chip E “the godfather of house”. So he did what any sensible musician would do – he slapped that title on his next record. ‘Godfather Of House’ was recorded at the legendary Jericho Studios in Chicago and released on Underground in 1986. The photo above is of Chip E, Adonis and Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk.

Chip E, E short for Eberhart, started DJing in 1982 and recording two years later. He’s credited with introducing the term “jack” into music culture – after it was released he explained, “jacking is doing standing up on the dancefloor, what you’d rather be doing at home laying down.” His classic ‘Time To Jack’ still gives me goosebumps. The record’s shamefully not in my collection, but sometimes not owning a record makes hearing it again all the more special.

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