‘ET Boogie’


This is possibly one of the first electro disco tracks from the Miami scene that I ever got into. Sampled and slowed down on Busta Rhymes’ ‘Dangerous’, this track still sounds innovative – you can imagine how producers like Timbaland have probably been influenced by it.

Released on Sunnyview in 1982, it was apparently banned by Steven Spielberg’s lawyers for it’s use of the line, “ET phone home”. The track was written by The Extra T’s: Freddy Stonewall and Henry Stone. Stonewall had previously done production work on the Florida label, TK Disco, which had been founded by Stone. Together they teamed up with producer Larry Dermer (who also co-produced the classic Noel Williams track, ‘Fantasy’).

“Extra” must have been a mark of ultimate funk in Miami, what with tracks by The Extra T’s, The Extra Funk Factory and the Ex Tras all dominating dancefloors around this time – so who better to represent than an “extra terrestrial”. Posted here is the instrumental version which is more like an extension, and features, er, extra instrumentation.

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